Agosto 2011


Losteria without an accent, please! Do not think this is a misspelling, that's the name of the new restaurant has just opened its doors in Grado, in Piazza Duca d'Aosta. And the subtitle says it all: meetings of land and sea, but the real star is undoubtedly the sea. It could not be otherwise knowing the two owners, John and Paul Frausin Liberto, both united by a common denominator: the fish! From this encounter is born so Losteria - which used to be called Mimi - and the name is completely random. The idea was to create a new place, with quality cuisine made ??from the finest raw materials, refined to perfection, but simple in substance and especially with the right quality / price ratio, a place where words get lost - Lost eria ... just as John says - and find the atmosphere friendly and professional at the same time. At this point the question arises: and the earth? The answer is simple, paper plates are also found in meat, but the intention is to create a proposal for autumn / winter based on boiled meats, mushrooms, salami and regional meats and all that our land offers those seasons.

Fabrice Gallina